faith held the pedal in place

There was no way the pedal could have stayed connected with the bike without the screw. For a moment after realizing that the screw fell off, I panicked. I was still a long way off from home. It’s impossible for the pedal to remain in place without the screw to lock it in. To my surprise though, I tugged at the pedal and it did not even budge. It was tightly held in place. Riding the bike, I could feel the pedal wiggle against the weight of my foot. But whenever I would check it, the pedal is securely in place.

Most people would actually say that I’ve been reckless for even trying to bring home a bike that has a dislocated pedal. However, what I saw was God’s hand holding my pedal steady.

Often, we need missing screws to make us realize we are powerless on our own.

~Thank You, Lord, for keeping me steady where I am most wiggly about…~