a moment of confession

A moment of confession:


This here is a moment of weakness,

where the task at hand is daunting,

a Philistine that threatens my security.


I am little.

My voice feeble.

My hands shake

as my heart give in inside me.


My heartbeat:

Is it really possible?

Can it really be done?


I take a grudging step forward

with eyes closed.

I refuse to look

lest the ground beneath me crumble.


I will fall…

I will fall.

I will fall!

I can’t fall!


Big hands clasp mine,

placing my clammy hands

against solid chest.


His heartbeat:

I thought you said

Intimidated by no one and nothing”?


My heart responds:

I know, I know.



His heart bleeds out:




Verily, verily, I tell you

We shall get there together.