my disjointed thoughts of you during sunset


You are right.
I have not buried his memories
in the sand,
especially not where waves
can kiss him back to life.
No, it was in lighted, floating lanterns
that I have encased him,
hoping that his fire burns elsewhere,
illuminating someone else’s darkness.

My darkness has no need
of him anymore.
For a fact, it was in his withheld light
that I have found most of my shadows.
So believe me when I say that I refuse
to subject myself to his pitiful flickers,
where it was never possible for me
to burst into flames.

What never was with him
is now aflame with you.
You are in me that hopeful spark
I have knowingly fanned.
Your heat bursts within me,
subtle yet surely there.
I inhale the smoke of your presence
in my life,
and an unmistakable sweetness fills me.

Do you want to know what sweetness is?
Sweetness is us allowing the darkness in us
to plunge with the setting sun.
It is the Waves taking back all that we are
to bless us with newness.
It is you and I,
with my big hands clasped by your bigger ones,
waiting for the dawning of a new morning.
Oh but this is even sweeter still! – – –
It is the Sun shining ever upon us.
It is the Sun shining ever upon us, love.

for JE